novagg® from Novagg Limited The world’s greenest lightweight aggregate
novagg® from Novagg LimitedThe world’s greenest lightweight aggregate

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About novagg®

Pilot plant in Staffordshire, UK

novagg® is an innovative and sustainable lightweight structural aggregate for use in the international construction materials market, principally in concrete products.


The specification of novagg® is market-leading in terms of density, strength and water absorption.


The novagg® process makes aggregate from up to 98% recycled waste using global standard rotary kiln technology, transforming the wastes into a new material, as has been confirmed by Imperial College London.


The firing temperature of novagg® is reduced by some 400 degrees Celsius from existing processes with a much reduced firing time than normal. This substantially reduces carbon footprint.


Single pellet (enlarged)

The novagg® process can take different waste streams so that we are not dependent upon specific suppliers.


novagg® pellets can be engineered according to customer requirements.


In summary novagg®  is lightweight, strong, has a vitreous/closed pore structure giving low water absorption. Additionally it is amorphous, insulating and versatile.


Lightweight concrete products containing novagg® should be fully recyclable.


An international patent application has been made for novagg®.

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